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Community and environment

Our community matters to Edinburgh Airport. We have a strong commitment to the communities around our airport and aim to address any issues of local concern.

Community News

We publish a quarterly newsletter detailing our latest news, route announcements and environmental focus. We also deliver this newsletter to 16,500 homes and businesses in our local area. Download our latest community newsletter

Freephone noise line

In response to local requests, the airport established a freephone 24 hour telephone line for residents to raise concerns about noise. If you have concerns regarding noise, please call our noise line on 0800 731 3397 (freephone 24/7).

Noise insulation scheme

This was followed with the introduction of noise fining, whereby aircraft that break stated noise thresholds are fined depending on the level of infringement. In 2009 we launched a consultation on a Noise Insulation Scheme for those properties most affected by noise and we started insulating homes in 2010.

Corporate Responsibility Report

Edinburgh Airport has a Corporate Responsibility and Environment Policy and every year we publish a Corporate Social Responsibility report to provide information and data on our economic, environmental, social and community performance. You can read our latest Corporate Responsibility Report here.

Community fund

The Edinburgh Airport Community Board meets quarterly to review funding applications from our local community. The Community Board consists of key representatives from Edinburgh Airport and the local community and they provide independent evaluations of applications.

Charities or community groups associated with members of the Community Board can still apply for funding, but the Community Board member must declare their involvement and withdraw from discussions and the decision-making process.

For more information, please go to Edinburgh Airport community fund

Work experience

As part of our commitment to give back to our local communities, Edinburgh Airport hosts work experience during the first full week of each month for 3 pupils from schools within Edinburgh and the Lothians.

The aim of our work experience placement is for pupils to gain an understanding of how an airport operates behind the scenes and to learn about each of the different teams involved in our daily operations. Pupils will spend time shadowing different teams throughout the week. These can vary depending on availability and operational needs but may include Airside Operations, Engineering, an airline, Special Assistance, Police, Airside Fire Service and Air Traffic Control.

If you attend a school within Edinburgh and the Lothians, you can find more information and an application form here.

As part of the work experience programme, the airport also trialled its first ever work experience tour for pupils with Additional Support Needs (ASN) in June 2019. Read all about the experience here.

If you would like to find out more information about how we can offer a tailored work experience for ASN pupils, please email


We welcome your feedback about how we operate in our community. There are many ways for you to get in touch and let us know your feedback:

Edinburgh Airport Tower

Edinburgh Airport Tower to find out more about the tower and the criteria for changing the colour of the tower see here.