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Contract with the community

  1. We will maintain a dedicated and ring fenced community fund that will invest in good causes and local projects covering education, the environment and sport
  2. We will be open and proactive in communicating with local residents by producing and delivering a community newsletter to 10,000 local homes regularly
  3. We will automatically charge more for older noisier aircraft to operate at the airport to encourage airlines to move to quieter models
  4. We will record the noise produced by arriving and departing aircraft and will fine those that break the noise thresholds set down by the UK Government
  5. We will ensure that residents can complain about noise at any time of the day through a freephone dedicated number - 0800 731 3397 - and will aim to respond to all calls within two working days
  6. We will record the route taken of arriving and departing aircraft and take up any failure by airlines to adhere to agreed flight paths
  7. We will monitor air quality levels around the airport and ensure the airport's impact is kept to a minimum
  8. We will minimise pollution and congestion on local roads by working to increase the use of public transport by passengers
  9. We will fund the necessary repairs to nearby properties that have been found by an independent surveyor to have affected by vortex damage from aircraft
  10. We will protect those who would be affected by the airport's future growth through our Home Owner Support Scheme and Property Market Support Scheme