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Step 2: Bag Drop

Once you have checked in you will need to drop your bags.  Passengers flying with easyJet, Flybe or Ryanair can use our self-service bag drop facility.

If you are flying with any other airline you will need to check-in and dispatch your baggage as normal at the check-in desk.  If you'€™ve checked in before arriving at the airport and don'€™t have bags to check-in, you can make your way straight to security.

Self-service bag drop

Passengers flying with easyJet and Flybe can print their own bag tags and dispatch their hold luggage without having to go to an airline desk. These machines are easily located in the main check-in hall and members of airline staff are on hand to assist you.

Bag drop desks

Some airlines operate separate check-in and bag drop desks. Once you have checked in and have your boarding pass, an airline staff member will direct you to the appropriate bag drop area.  When you'€™re ready to fly, show your boarding pass at the bag drop desk and the agent will issue a receipt for your hold baggage.

Baggage allowances

Please ensure your hold and cabin baggage are within your airline's size and weight allowances.  If you have any questions about your ticket, connections or on board service, please speak with an airline representative before checking in or going to bag drop as the agent at the desk may not be able to help.

Please refer to the tickets and documentation issued by your airline for information regarding your hold and cabin baggage allowances.