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Family facilities

We are committed to being a family friendly airport so we have asked our friend Edi the Pilot to show you the way. You can download a copy of our family leaflet to help you fly through the airport.

You can discover new places around the world using Edi the Pilot’s colouring map.

If you are travelling with children under the age of 12 we have a dedicated Family Lane for you to use as you go through Security. Once you are through you can visit our young kids’ play zones located at Gate 2 and Gate 21 where the kids can burn off energy before boarding your flight.

Taking baby milk through security

Passengers travelling with small children are allowed to take liquid baby milk, baby food and sterilised water on their flight. While amounts over 100ml are permitted, we ask that you only take what is needed for the duration of your flights. These liquids are subject to screening and must be presented to one of our Security Officers at the loading station. Security Officers may be required to open the containers in order to screen contents.

All other liquids, gels, creams and pastes, e.g. baby changing creams, are included in the 100ml liquid rule which is explained here.

Baby changing facilities

Edinburgh Airport has baby change rooms in various convenient locations throughout the terminal.

Use our terminal maps to help find facilities at Edinburgh Airport.


You can purchase essentials for children, including formula milk and nappies, at the Superdrug store in our departure lounge. Specific items can be pre-ordered and reserved 14 days before you fly by calling the store on 0131 333 3973.

WHSmith also stocks a wide range of magazines, comics and puzzle books to keep children entertained in the departure lounge before they travel and whilst in the air.


Most of our restaurants provide high chairs and children’s menus.

If your family like to watch the planes there is plenty of seating around the terminal to offer a fantastic window view onto the runway.

Parking options

All our Edinburgh Airport parking options are family friendly - compare them to see which suits you best.