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Currency exchange

International Currency Exchange

Edinburgh Airport’s foreign exchange services are provided by International Currency Exchange (ICE).
A global currency exchange provider, with over 360 branches in 68 airports around the world, ICE has been serving customers round the world for more than 40 years.

Save money and time with click and collect

Travel money doesn’t have to be a chore—in fact you can avoid all the fuss when you lock in your rate online through Click & Collect. With currency available from ICE locations for both Landside and Airside collection, you can get ICE’s best online rate in-store, commission free.

  • - Euro US Dollar
  • - Hungarian Forint
  • - Polish Zloty
  • - Czech Koruna
  • - Swiss Franc
  • - Swedish Krona
  • - Danish Krone
  • - Norwegian Krone
  • - Turkish Lira

Simply visit the link below to get your voucher.

Click & Collect with ICE at EDI

Click & Collect branches

ICE has 6 branches at Edinburgh Airport, 3 of which offer ‘Click & Collect.’

Location: Landside Departures, in check-in hall
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 04:00 – 19:00
Telephone: 0203 437 0749

Location: Airside Island Kiosk, in Departure Lounge opposite World Duty Free
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 04:00 – 20:30
Telephone: 0203 437 0745

Location: Landside Arrivals 2, next to Starbucks
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 0600-1800
Telephone: 0203 437 0718

Other branches

Location: Landside Arrivals, next to International Arrivals Hall
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 07:00 – 23:00
Telephone: 0203 437 0748

Location: Airside Arrivals (baggage reclaim),
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 07:00–19:00
Telephone: 0203 437 0746

Location: Airside Departures, near Gate 15
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 05:00-17:00
Telephone: 0203 437 0747

Find out more about ICE at

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VAT Refunds

If you are a non EU resident who wishes to claim a VAT Refund on goods permanently taken out of the EU (purchased from a Retail Export Scheme retailer), you must visit International Currency Exchange before going through the security check point. Please visit our following branch:

International Currency Exchange, Landside, opposite Starbucks and Marks and Spencer. Open 06:00 to 16:00 daily.

Your forms will be reviewed by International Currency Exchange staff. Please ensure that your forms are fully completed, including the customer declaration and you have your Passport and Boarding Pass available.

Please be prepared to provide the original purchase receipts and the purchased items upon request.

Please note

The retailer must be part of the Retail Export Scheme (RES).

Forms are issued by the RES retailer. No one else may issue a form on behalf of the retailer.

More Information

Tax refunds are processed by HM Revenue & Customs. Please visit the HMRC website for more information